SheisL1 The Artist

 L has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life All the while  mostly single handedly recording, producing new singles, and writing 2  new quick read books about her music journey, The Music and TheMusic: Loveology x Integrity. L has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans, serving as an inspiration of Love in its Raw form. Every piece of musical artwork and intellectual artistry is her own unique co -creation.  She creates intuitively. Her Genre is singer Songwriter and loves to add her sound to any mainstream genre such as , Soul, R&B, lounge, Pop, K-Pop, Dance, Edm and  Rap and her self given Genre ,Stellarics. So if you like her sound please spread and give credit, get permission for use of works for  this uniquely talented artist's inspirations. She is her own muse.

Her style of sound *Stellarics. It's Stellar, Unique & Multi~dimensional. Every piece of music is all about LOVE in all its forms Raw and True. Her sound is here to help us decode & Re-Member who we are Through the voice of El. Frequencies that penetrate your Soul. It will never be done exactly like this again. We are ONE and she is Love 1.


Cosmic Love



Me at play with this song :)


Sound of the Universe




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